silent_lament79 (silent_lament79) wrote in bandwanted,

Name: Chad

Location: Indianapolis

Age: 26

Primary style: metal, although I like all styles of music

Primary Instrument: guitar

Other Instruments: bass, drums, vocals, some keyboards

Bands or artists who have influenced you: Pantera/Damageplan, System of a Down, Testament, Slayer, Crowbar, Acid Bath, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Sublime, and many, many more...

Previous band/musical experience: Been in a few garage bands but never anything serious. Mostly just jamming with friends.

What kind of band you are looking for: Metal

Gear: Getting a blue Ibanez with locking Floyd Rose in a couple of weeks, and a small practice Crate amp, but saving for Behringer Half stack. Not a fan of effects, but will use them rarely when necessary. Pretty much just like to plug and play straight up.

Anything else you think we should know: Just want to meet a few people to jam for fun for now, but eventually I want to do something serious. Gotta be at least 21 and able to tolerate being around stoners! LOL! If you're straight edge, cool. Whatever works for you. But don't preach to me cuz I don't give a shit. To each his own...
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