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Me. I'm right here where I'm at.

Name: Edward Grant

Location: NE tip of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Age: 19

Primary Instrument: Guitar, Bass, handclaps.

Other Instruments: Human voice, tambourine, mandolin, piano.

Bands or artists who have influenced you: The Beach Boys, Carole King, Motown, Philly soul music, They Might be Giants, Elton John, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Crowded House, Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, Rick James, Prince, Frank Zappa.

Previous band/musical experience: Two seperate half-hearted do-nothing unimagaintion-denial bands, for about four months apiece. Three years of high-school choir, one year of high-school band. One year of college with intention of majoring in music/English before deciding "No. It won't help." roughly 18 years of listening to music.

What kind of band you are looking for: Not necessarily looking for a full band right now, but at least somebody interested in songwriting, as opposed to what riffs one can play and rip off. Not too 'rock.' Possibly pianists/keyboardists/accordion players... not very interested in electric guitarists unless they're serious noise artists and/or true melodic geniuses. Maybe I'm too picky. Hmm.

Gear: Battered acoustic; cheap cheap Squier 5-string bass, cheaply defretted; Squier Strat, low E tuner removed; two human hands. No amps currently in working condition. But working on it.

Anything else you think we should know: Bored but not boring. Absurd at times, but usually at least irrational.
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