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Name: Kat aka Miranda

Location: East Tennessee

Age: 15

Primary Instrument: vocals/keyboard

Other Instruments: guitar, flute, organ, oboe, mellophone, trumpet

Bands or artists who have influenced you: The Rolling Stones, Lynard Skynard,The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Guns n' roses, Nirvana

Previous band/musical experience: I was a vocalist for a local band for a year.... then we all decided to quit.

What kind of band you are looking for: A rock band that can play all types of rock.. but are particularly proud of their southern heritage.

Gear: Gibson Les Paul, several keyboards,a book full of my own songs,( my old band took all the amps but mine)

Comment if you're interested in trying out or getting the old band's 'cover cd'
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