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Name:Kyriaki (kiki) C.

Location:Aurora, Colorado aka hell


Primary Instrument:guitar/vocal

Other Instruments:drums (rally pathetic tho) and bac vocal

Bands or artists who have influenced you:armor for sleep, mae, senses fail, MCR, the used, a perfect circle, taking back sunday, underoath, trust company, sum 41, HIM, the starting line, matchbook romance, the f-ups, green day, blink 182, a static lullaby, emanuel, fall out boy, idk everyone emo/ scream/ punk

Previous band/musical experience: choirs at church and school

What kind of band you are looking for: really punk or emo/ screamo kinda I REALLY NEED A DRUMMER U GUYS!

Gear: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, unused drum set lol, and a bass guitar

Anything else you think we should know: i have a band we need a drummer. we've got guitar, bass and vocals we're just missin the drummer. we need help plz help me lol
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