ChazM (kingrocker1970) wrote in bandwanted,

I'm New

Name:Chaz Matthews

Location: Boston

Age: Old Pro

Primary Instrument:Guitar Vocals

Other Instruments:not really

Bands or artists who have influenced you:Clash, Stray Cats, The Jam, The Damned, Demnted Are Go, The Replacements, Rolling Stones, Howlin' Wolf, Duane Eddy, Link Wray, New York Dolls, The Smiths, Adam Ant, Louis Jordan, Marshall Crenshaw, Elvis Costello, etc etc

Previous band/musical experience:The Dimestore Haloes Pelado Records 1994-2003.

What kind of band you are looking for:Well versed vinyl junkies who want to play a revolutionary hodgepodge of roots and punk inflected styles and work with someone who's been doing this a long time.

Gear:Mine? Gretsch Pro Jet Black, Gretsch Pro Jet Silver, Gibson Les Paul Junior Sunburst, Peavey Classic 30 All Tube Vintage Combo amo, Slapback Echo pedal...some other stuff.

Anything else you think we should know: Nope
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