twisted_trinity (twisted_trinity) wrote in bandwanted,

Name: Luby

Location: Malaga, Spain

Age: 16

Primary Instrument: vocals

Other Instruments: a bit of guitar, piano, and i'm a trainee sound engineer

Bands or artists who have influenced you: nirvana, nin, rammstein, bikini kill, slayer, the smashing pumkins, massive attack, placebo, soundgarden, muse, a perfect circle, björk, coil, das ich, prodigy, gary numan, incubus, jack off jill, joy division, KMFDM, skinny puppy, ministry, tool but mainly industrial bands

Previous band/musical experience:
started off going musicals, annie, west side story, sound of music, that kind of thing, but i went off the idea of being on the west end stage when i started to hang around with actors. i've made my own demo, with a little help from my last singing teacher. done a few grades here and there, and sang with 2 bands, one of which disbanded before christmas.

What kind of band you are looking for: anyone who's willing to work with this rather head strong singer/song writer. aged between: 16-21. as long as you can play to a good standard, dedicated to music, and are flexible, and within travling distance to fuengirola or malaga...

Gear:a crappy encore guitar, a spanish acoustic, and my own mixing equipment.

Anything else you think we should know: i write all my own lyrics, and unless we're doing a cover i pretty much dislike singing other peoples material. i'm seriously dedicated to my music, and i don't like working with people who aren't. i'd really like to work with a band without a singer or maybe just a few musicians that want to get a band together. i do tend to do more rocky stuff than anything else, but i'm not tied to one genre.
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