theblazeofglory (theblazeofglory) wrote in bandwanted,

Name: Eddie

Location: Lexington, South Carolina

Age: 16

Primary Instrument: Guitar (lead and rhythm)

Other Instruments: I can play bass, and write lyrics

Bands or artists who have influenced you: Tool, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, The Pixies, Radiohead, Metallica

Previous band/musical experience: I once played in a Black Metal band.. Unfortunally we never got a name or a gig, but practiced several times.. I'm currently in a Prog-metal band. We're still practicing, and do have a name, One.

What kind of band you are looking for: Rock / Metal of any kind. Preferably not punk, but I'll bite my tongue if it means being in a band.

Gear: Jackson Performaer Series through a Digitech Metal pedal, Dunlop Wah, and a Peavey 3 channel 60 watt. I also have an Epiphone (? Debateable.. I know the neck is Epiphone..) with a strat-style body (once again, ya got me).. And a Crate electric that I use as a backup for the others.

My gear, including the accoustic. Sorry for bad quallity. The red guitar is the Epiphone. Make what you want out of it.
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